The end of one year, the beginning of a new one

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When we eventually forget about the too-expensive gifts, the too-much-eating-and-drinking holiday parties, the Christmas cards we’ve hung all over our home, the barely-spent moment thinking about the religious meaning of Christmas—we find ourselves looking backwards over the year just past, exulting, regretting, kicking ourselves in the butt that we should… Read more »

Holly’s Article

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Holly, my S.O.(significant other) shares my vivid love for animals. She wrote this article about a tremendously worthwhile project—especially for those of you whose hearts are touched by the saving of animals. This is SO well-done that I want to post it on my own website. (She gave me credit… Read more »

Buckeye Book Fair

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Happy November, everyone. November is always a fascinating month. We’re recuperating from eating too much Halloween candy. At the moment the wind howls outside my window to remind me that summer is gone for good, and autumn is well on its way to being over, too. Thanksgiving is right around… Read more »

Little Brown Jug

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When I was a kid, all I knew about “Little Brown Jug” was the hit song done by Glenn Miller and his orchestra. Yep, back when there were “dance bands” all over the place, and Miller’s was one of the top favorites. But I learned a new twist on the… Read more »

Big Saturday

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A “Win, Place or Die” event: I always particularly enjoy doing book signings at the Barnes & Noble store in Westlake/Crocker Park—especially on a Saturday. There’s always a terrific READING crowd there, and as a writer constantly looking for characters to write about, it’s a people-watching adventure for me. (You… Read more »

The Man With the Golden Arm

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Remember that book and/or movie? “The Man With the Golden Arm,” written by Nelson Algren back in the 1950s, was one of the early novels (A FANTASTIC read, by the way), and certainly THE first big-studio Hollywood movie (it starred Frank Sinatra and Kim Novak and Eleanor Parker)that dealt directly… Read more »


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A Carol for Cleveland In the midst of one of late twentieth century America’s worst recessions, Ed Podolak, an unemployed worker from western Pennsylvania, winds up in Cleveland looking for a job. It’s Christmas Eve, and all he has to his name is forty-eight bucks—and that isn’t nearly enough to… Read more »


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