Happy Anniversary to Me

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Today is my 24th anniversary of becoming a Greater Clevelander. Wow! That is a MAJOR chunk of my LIFE! Why I decided to move from sunny southern California to NE Ohio on the first week of December in an ice storm now eludes my memory. But on my first night… Read more »

Look over your shoulder

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Since most of my readers are very fond of my ongoing mystery series protagonist Milan Jacovich (thank goodness!)—seventeen titles so far and #18 finished and submitted to my publisher—and have accepted my newest crime-solving hero Dominick Candiotti (via “The Strange Death of Father Candy” and “Wet Work”), it got me… Read more »

A Ten-Minute Egg

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For several years now I have been most impressed with a crime writer I discovered by accident. I must have read every book she’s done, before or since, and it’s past time I alerted all my other readers to someone who might keep you awake all night. She is NOT… Read more »

Who do YOU think should play Dominick in the movies?

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Last week I posted that if they ever made a film out of WET WORK (from my lips to God’s ear), I would choose Ryan Gosling to play the pivotal role of Dominick Candiotti. However, when my significant other, Holly, read the post, we had quite a discussion over HER… Read more »

Wet Work- The Movie; Who Should Play Dominick?

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With the tremendous popularity of three thriller films that have been released in the last two weeks—“The Equalizer,” “A Walk Among the Tombstones,” and best of all, “Gone Girl,” I was reminded that since my new suspense novel Wet Work appeared about a month ago, everyone’s been asking me what… Read more »

Canadian Capers

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Lawrence David Lederman is an old friend. When I first moved to Cleveland in 1990, he was the Canadian Consul-General to Cleveland, and we became friendly. After a few years, when he returned to Canada, we lost touch until a few years ago we realized we had good mutual friends…. Read more »

Milan and Dominick won’t ever be Buddies

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Even though my latest novel, “Wet Work,” has only been out for three weeks, many of my fans and friends have already read it. Some have commented that Dominick Candiotii, for a protagonist, is about as far away from Milan Jacovich as one can get. They also wonder why, after… Read more »

A Most Wanted Movie

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Now that September is bringing Northeast Ohio August heat, I’m beginning my round of book signings for the new one, WET WORK, featuring Dominick Candiotti. I’m working diligently, as I always do, but even a novelist has to sit back, relax, and do something else. I’m a movie lover, and… Read more »

Sneak Peek: Read Chapter Four from “Wet Work”

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Chapter Four Like a magician’s sleight-of-hand illusion, the glass of vodka seemed to materialize on top of the bar when Douglas wasn’t looking. He hadn’t seen the woman sidle up on his left and slip the drink in front of him. That was unlike him. Not paying attention in his… Read more »

Win an Advance Reading Copy of “Wet Work”

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Want to be among the first to read Les Roberts’ new book, Wet Work? Want to get the same version of the book that was sent to media and retailers ahead of publication? Would you like it to be autographed by Les Roberts? Yes? Then you should enter the contest… Read more »