Sneak Peek: Read Chapter Three from “Wet Work”

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Chapter Three: Og The obese, balding little man frowned deeply. After spraying both the mouthpiece and the earpiece of his phone with Lysol—even though it was his phone in his private at-home office that no one else ever used—he squirted some alcohol on his hands and rubbed them together to… Read more »

Sneak Peek: Read Chapter Two from “Wet Work”

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Chapter Two Most people return from a stressful business trip with a certain relief, believing home is the best place there is, eager to be embraced and surrounded by the environment they created for themselves. But since Douglas didn’t really consider the airy, modern apartment on Massachusetts Avenue near Lockerbie… Read more »

Sneak Peek: Read Chapter One from “Wet Work”

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Chapter One Eight o’clock mass on a gray, cold morning. It was only early November, but the threat of snow hung above the muddy river and threatened the air outside St. Catherine’s Catholic Church, making the chilly worshippers wonder what had happened to autumn. The blue-collar guys on their way… Read more »

My new thriller, Wet Work, is now available for pre-order

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My new thriller, Wet Work, is now available for pre-order at: Your favorite local bookstore: Barnes& Gray & Company Dominick Candiotti is a paid assassin for the shadowy Brownstone Agency, but he wants out. His anonymous boss turns the tables and assigns fellow agents to eliminate him. On the… Read more »

Something to Look Forward To

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Bye-bye winter—finally. FINALLY! Here I am, two days from Memorial Day, the pool just outside my office window is open for my neighbors, pale-skinned sunbathers who’d been SURE they would be tanned by now are delicately slathering themselves with suntan oil, and kids are screaming each time they jump into… Read more »

Jumping the Shark

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One of the weekly TV crime shows I’ve always enjoyed is “Castle” on ABC. Certainly the premise of having a famous mystery writer hang around a New York precinct all day every day and help the police department solve crimes is bizarre in itself—but still fun. For me, the writer… Read more »

Auction this weekend

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Hey—just want to alert everyone in NE Ohio that the auction to benefit TV station WVIZ, the PBS affiliate, begins today and will run through Sunday(locally Channel 25). I’m pleased they’ve asked me to drop by on Saturday between 3 and 5 p.m. as a “guest auctioneer,” so I’m hoping… Read more »

Talk About Your Legends

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Mickey Rooney has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. It started, naturally, with the movies. The Andy Hardy series. The musicals like “Girl Crazy,” with Judy Garland as his co-star. (“We don’t need a theater, we can put on the show right here in my… Read more »


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One….Singular Sensation? It’s a great song from “A Chorus Line,” but I’m not talking about Broadway musicals. I’m talking about….LUNCH. There is a reason there are so many restaurants in the world. Almost everyone (who can afford it) “eats out” every once in a while, as do I. Now, rather… Read more »

Doing “The Twist”

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Nope, it’s not the 1960s dance I’m talking about. It’s the rollercoast twists and turns of a brilliantly conceived mystery play now showing at the Great Lakes Theater Festival – the Hanna Theater on E. 14th Street. It’s called “Deathtrap,”written by Ira Levin. If you’re not familiar with his name,… Read more »