Dominick Candiotti

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The Strange Death of Father Candy

Long-estranged from his family, Vietnam veteran Dominick Candiotti returns home to Youngstown—1985—to attend the funeral of his brother, Richard, a young priest beloved by the whole city and known as “Father Candy.”

The Candiottis were close to the ruling mob clan in Youngstown. Dominick’s sister is a bad-tempered nag, his older brother is a corruptible police lieutenant—but all are shattered by the death of eldest brother Richard

Dominick refuses to believe the verdit that Father Candy’s death was a suicide, and sets out to find the truth, revealing secrets, rekindling his love for an old flame, and making him face brutality and violence, walking the tightrope between love and hatred.

Wet Work

Dominick Candiotti is a paid assassin employed by the shadowy Brownstone Agency. After one too many assignments, weary of the violence and a life of temporary identities, he wants to leave the profession. His anonymous boss, code-named “Og,” isn’t happy with the decision; he turns the tables on his employee and assigns fellow agents to eliminate him. Now on the run, Candiotti fights for his life, trying to stay one step ahead of deadly pursuers while he tracks down his nemesis boss and uncovers secrets from his own past. It’s a gripping tale about the struggle for power and a suspenseful game of cat-and-mouse that leads through several U.S. cities. This is the second suspense novel featuring Domninick Candiotti by Les Roberts. He first appeared in “The Strange Death of Father Candy.”