Saxon Series

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An Infinite Number of Monkeys

#1 in the Saxon series. Introducing L.A.-based private eye Saxon. A transplanted Easterner trying to make it as an actor, Saxon stay solvent (and sane) between roles by running an investigating agency. When someone takes a potshot at famous pulp detective writer Buck Weldon, Saxon agrees to help—especially after meeting Weldon’s tall blonde daughter. Turns out, the writer’s enemy list is longer than some of his novels and is headed by his agent, his publisher, and one of the biggest producers in Hollywood. Baffling leads involve a major cocaine dealer and a professor specializing in private eye literature. Saxon’s investigation takes him from Westwood to Palm Springs and back to the San Fernando Valley before its violent culmination in a backwater Mexican village on the Baja peninsula.

Not Enough Horses

#2 in the Saxon mystery series. When an acquaintance of Saxon’s, bit actor and part-time male prostitute Robbie Bingham, dies in a mysterious car explosion and the police don’t seem to care, Saxon goes into action. His investigation leads into the netherworld of dimly lit gay bars of West Hollywood and the boardrooms of a television network, and climaxes with a sudden, fiery death. Along the way, Saxon manages to run afoul of a vindictive pimp, a pompous game show host, a cadre of venal and frightened TV executives, an ice-cold Beverly Hills homicide detective, and a movie sex goddess fighting the encroachment of the years with straight bourbon and a lover twenty years her junior. He also encounters Marvel—one of the “lost children” of Hollywood, who survives on the streets and who makes sure Saxon will never look at things quite the same way again.

A Carrot for the Donkey

#3 in the Saxon mystery series. Hotshot producer Mark Evering can’t understand why his daughter has run off with a shady lawyer twice her age when her father has given her everything—including a Betty Ford detox for her high-school graduation. Saxon, hired to bring her back home, follows the trail to the wide-open Mexican border town of Tijuana, where he confronts a brutal landowner and his beautiful wife, an arrogant matador, a tough and humorless Tijuana cop—and the most gruesome murder of his career.

Snake Oil

#4 in the Saxon mystery series. Wealthy and unlikable real-estate developer George Amptman hires Saxon to determine whether his young wife, Nanette, is having an affair. Saxon hates domestic cases, but the client seems so pathetic—and offers so much money—that Saxon agrees. And when her lover, a petroleum engineer, is found strangled with a silk scarf, Saxon finds himself hip-deep in the oil business. Saxon’s nemesis, Lieutenant Joe Di Mattia of the LAPD, thinks Nanette Amptman murdered her lover. But there’s no shortage suspects. The crusty old wildcatter who’s made and lost fortunes. The mysterious East Indian with a nasty pet cobra. The powerful oil baron who fired the victim because of his womanizing. And the exquisite movie actress more famous for her private performances than her on-screen ones. And there’s no shortage of motives, either—thirty-two million of them, all with dollar signs. Saxon ranges up and own the oil-rich beach areas of Los Angeles’s South Bay, facing a second murder, an attempt on his own life, and a wrenching examination of his own courage. A tender love affair with a strong, independent woman brightens his life, and his teenaged adopted son, Marvel, provides some much-needed moral support when the going gets toughest.

Seeing the Elephant

#5 in the Saxon mystery series. Saxon returns to his hometown, Chicago, where one of his oldest pals, cop Gavin Cassidy, has died of a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol in a cheap hotel. Saxon arrives for the funeral to find his old crowd—and the old town—much changed. He also encounters rumors that Gavin’s death might not have been accidental. Had Gavin Cassidy, a career cop, finally “seen the elephant” (police parlance for becoming involved in a life-threatening situation), and been unable to extricate himself before it was too late? Saxon’s unofficial investigation into his friend’s death is hindered by the still strong Chicago police machine bosses—and by his long estranged, ex-con father.

The Lemon Chicken Jones

#6 in the Saxon mystery series. Saxon is hired to find the missing wife of an aging Borscht Belt comedian. Nappy Kane is a dinosaur, telling stale jokes about women drivers. His career is on the rocks, his bank balance is dwindling—even his agent is turning his back on him. But what broke the old comic’s heart was when his wife of less than a year disappeared—along with her clothes, her jewelry, and her new car. Saxon, hired to find her, learns that Doll Kane was a mail-order bride, chosen from a selection offered to him by a rather mysterious “agency.” Following a lead provided by a Chinese-American cabaret singer, Saxon tracks down the mail-order agency in a small town in northern California. Accompanied by his adopted son, Marvel, he finds the agency, run from a massage parlor, not only suspicious but dangerous. When he uncovers a murder, Saxon has to protect himself—and Marvel. But he’s surprised to discover that though Marvel is still a teenager, when the chips are down, he’s a good man to have around.