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2018 Begins

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Thank you everyone for the Happy New Year wishes. I hope you’re right. I got hundreds of “Happys” LAST year, and 2017 really turned out to be a stinker for me. There was not much “happy” involved. There were a FEW good points: I’ve got my health, considering that the… Read more »


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It’s important that EVERYONE goes to see the film TRUMBO. The work of Bryan Cranston in the title role is breathtaking—but that’s not really what’s important. The bizarre workings of the United States Congress back in the late 1940s so completely reflects the kinds of things the Congress is doing… Read more »

Happy Anniversary to me (Again)

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Yesterday was a big day for me, although I spent it quietly writing and watching a great movie I’d not seen before. It was the twenty-fifth anniversary of my moving to NE Ohio. That’s a quarter of a century,and it’s a huge chunk of my life. Born and raised in… Read more »

Time for a giveaway…

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While waiting for the upcoming publication of the 18th Milan Jacovich Mystery, Ashtabula Hat Trick, you can enter the contest below for a chance to win a collection of three hardcover Milan Jacovich Mystery books: Win, Place, or Die Whiskey Island The Cleveland Creep

Happy Anniversary to Me

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Today is my 24th anniversary of becoming a Greater Clevelander. Wow! That is a MAJOR chunk of my LIFE! Why I decided to move from sunny southern California to NE Ohio on the first week of December in an ice storm now eludes my memory. But on my first night… Read more »


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A Carol for Cleveland In the midst of one of late twentieth century America’s worst recessions, Ed Podolak, an unemployed worker from western Pennsylvania, winds up in Cleveland looking for a job. It’s Christmas Eve, and all he has to his name is forty-eight bucks—and that isn’t nearly enough to… Read more »