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What’s In a Name?

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It’s more or less my habit to come up with fairly unusal names for the characters in my books. How many of you out there actually know somebody named Milan Jacovich (besides, of course, the real Milan Yakovich, my friend and dentist after whom I named the character)? In my… Read more »

Never Forget a Face

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When I’m invited to speak at a library or an organization, the first thing I do is scan the crowd for a face, or faces, that seem somehow interesting to me. It doesn’t have to be a beautiful one, but it must be an attention-grabbing face, one with a secret… Read more »

Just In Time For Christmas

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Just in time for the holidays—and after the holidays, too—I am offering for sale—many of my hardcover editions that are no longer in print, including some first-printing Milan Jacovich and Saxon books. You can find these Milans, Saxons, stand-alone novel, and a Christmas novella elsewhere with their original covers, but… Read more »

A Ten-Minute Egg

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For several years now I have been most impressed with a crime writer I discovered by accident. I must have read every book she’s done, before or since, and it’s past time I alerted all my other readers to someone who might keep you awake all night. She is NOT… Read more »