Where to get the best Florida homeowners insurance quotes?

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The five largest Florida homeowners insurance companies are Universal Property, Citizens Property, Security First, Federated National and Heritage according to https://floridainsurancequotes.net/home-insurance/top-rated-homeowners-insurance-companies-in-florida/. These five insurers respectively have around six hundred thousand, five hundred thousand, over three hundred thousand, less than three hundred thousand and two hundred and fifty thousand policies in force right now. The second set of the five largest Florida homeowners insurance companies are American Integrity Insurance Company of Florida, United Property & Casualty Insurance Company, St. Johns, Homeowners Choice and Tower Hill. The other major insurance companies operating in the state are People’s Trust, ASI Preferred, USAA, Florida Peninsula, First Protective, Castle Key, Florida Family, American Bankers, Ark Royal, Olympus, Safe Harbor, Safepoint and Cypress.

It is difficult to pick the top five Florida homeowners insurance companies in regards to rates because most insurers have reasonable and expensive policies. Some are of course more affordable than others. Tower Hill Insurance Group and State Farm are on the reasonable end of the spectrum whereas Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc. and Federated National Insurance Company have more expensive policies. You must check out the policies of all major and lesser known insurers depending on the coverage you want and only then can you find the best rates. It is futile to compare a policy offering standard coverage with one offering additional coverage. You may not want additional coverage, such as for valuables. You may have personal assets worth millions so you will need extensive coverage against theft, including valuables and identity. 

https://floridainsurancequotes.net/florida-homeowners-insurance/ has extensive resources to help you find the best rates among all Florida homeowners insurance companies. You can choose insurers or policies and then compare on both grounds to make an informed decision. It is not just the cost of a policy and the coverage that should matter. You must also factor in specific clauses such as deductibles or excesses. We will help you to navigate these specificities so you can choose the most appropriate policy for your property depending on your affordability. Any kind of shortcut or half-baked approach will lead you to choose the wrong policy for your home. 

Just to give you an idea, Tower Hill Prime has an average annual cost of $1,725 whereas Tower Hill Select costs $1,943, Tower Hill Preferred has an average of $1,980 and Universal costs around $2,011, Citizens has an average of $2,128 while Tower Hill Signature is more expensive with premiums around $2,347. FedNat charges around $2,370 and State Farm may cost up to $4,690. Of course you must factor in the exact coverage before you can compare these averages.