Comments Off on Trumbo

It’s important that EVERYONE goes to see the film TRUMBO. The work of Bryan Cranston in the title role is breathtaking—but that’s not really what’s important. The bizarre workings of the United States Congress back in the late 1940s so completely reflects the kinds of things the Congress is doing today.

Well-sprinkled with actual black and white footage from back in the day, the conviction and imprisonment of Dalton Trumbo, even though he’d committed no “crime”—probably the best screenwriter in history—truly makes one feel frightened for the indiscriminate power that has today given the US House of Representatives its lowest rate of approval in history.

The actors chosen to play John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Otto Preminger and Edward G.Robinson are not going to fool anybody who’s old enough to remember their great films. They don’t resemble them in any way, especially the John Wayne impersonator. Besides, I can imitate the Duke’s voice better than he can.

I relate to this, of course, because I’m a writer, too. But anyone who’s ever seen classics like “The Brave One,” “Exodus,” “Spartacus,” and “Johnny Got His Gun” will remember how brilliant and talented Dalton Trumbo was. Highly recommended movie. Go see it with someone you love.